Photogize EventPro 2020

Photogize EventPro is an online event and portrait commerce service for photographers and retailers.

Works like PhotoCentral

Based on the award winning PhotoCentral photo commerce site, Photogize EventPro provides unique opportunities for content publishers.

Photogize EventPro provides tools for photographers to upload, aggregate and publish photos to event web sites. Furthermore, Photogize EventPro offers some unique features designed to dramatically increase viral viewing and specialty product sales.

Compatible and Powerful

Photographers access Photogize EventPro on a Macintosh or Windows PC using their favorite browser. Photo uploads can be watermarked for security, sampled for speed, and are efficiently uploaded in batches to our data centers at Amazon Web Services.

Events on Facebook™

Once uploaded, Photos can be edited and organized into categories and published to an event. Links to the event can then be emailed or posted to over 200 social sites like Facebook, and Twitter™.  Consumers click the link to bring them to a Photogize EventPro site where they can view the photos and purchase prints and specialty photo products.

Consistent Products and Workflow

Because Photogize EventPro is based on PhotoCentral 2020, all PC2020 print products, specialty products, and finishing options are available to consumers on your PRO site. Offer 8×10 prints, framed posters, keepsake calendars, or heirloom books. And fulfill them using the familiar, award-winning Photogize workflow.


Content publishers can use Photogize EventPro to pre-create Specialty Products, like cards, calendars, books, and gifts with the uploaded event albums. These Ready-to-Order products can be shared to the same email lists and social sites. Now consumers can purchase a calendar or book of an event with the click of a button. There is no limit to the number of specialty projects you can create, publish and sell in Photogize EventPro.


  • Optional watermarking
  • Optional password protection for consumer site entry
  • Share events via or email or post event links on over 200 social sites like Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Share Read-to-Order projects via email or on social sites
  • Consumers can view and order without logging in or joining service