PhotoCentral 2020

PhotoCentral 2020

PhotoCentral 2020 (PC2020) is the full-featured version of our award-winning PhotoCentral online mobile storefront. PC2020 is perfect for multi-store and higher volume operations.  Sell prints, cards, calendars, and books with ease.  Design your own templates using Photoshop and our simple, how-to videos. PC2020 includes one license of Photogize Lab.  There are NO revenue share or upload fees with PhotoCentral 2020 – just a flat monthly fee and a one-time start up fee.  New for 2020:

  • New, more responsive mixing bowl page loaded with new features
    • Move and edit default text
    • Add new text anywhere on the design
    • Uses Google Fonts
    • Apply Instagram-like filters to your photos
    • Add objects like boxes and ellipses
    • Resize and rotate (any number of degrees) any object in your design
    • Add photos outside of the photo holes
    • 100% compatible with legacy PhotoCentral configuration settings and CloudCover Templates
  • Faster uploading (30% faster!)
  • Improved mobile support – try it on your iPhone!
  • NEW TIFF support – including RGB and CMYK TIFF
  • NEW Product search on shop page helps your customers find what they need!
  • FREE DIY Vanity URL now included (e.g.:,
  • Customers can upload and play videos
  • Customers can upload and view PDFs
  • Facial recognition applied on new uploads (prior uploads get processed over time)
    • Faces can be named (like Facebook) by hovering over face in slider view
    • PC 2020 matches other faces and applies to them the names you have assigned
  • Object recognition applied on new uploads (prior uploads get processed over time)
    • Object tags can be edited in slider view
  • Metadata appears when hovering over photos
  • Photo search available on main gallery page
  • Can download photos
  • Can save photos to named albums
  • Updated default content on main and shop pages
  • New SafeSpace storage options
    • 5GB (FREE!)
    • 100GB ($1.99/mo)
    • 200GB ($2.99/mo)
    • 1TB ($19.99/mo)
    • 2TB ($29.99/mo)

New RetailerCentral

RetailerCentral has also been redesigned.  You can continue to use the existing RetailerCentral, or move at any time to using the NEW RetailerCentral, which is available at:

PhotoCentral 2020 is licensed month-to-month.  You can cancel anytime.