What is CloudCover™?

CloudCover™ is a new content management system for Photogize PhotoCentral and Photogize Kiosk. With CloudCover, you can: publish custom creative products and templates, access Photogize-produced content, and share creative content with other Photogize system users.

Accessible from Photogize RetailerCentral, CloudCover makes custom product management a breeze. Add or edit products, select render types (double sided card, books, calendars, etc…), and upload templates all from within RetailerCentral.

How does CloudCover™ work exactly?

Let’s say you want to offer a 12×12 Instagram poster print on your kiosks and website. Here are the steps you need to take to do this via CloudCover:

  1. Design an appropriate .PSD template in Photoshop using the specs and video as guides
  2. Create a product definition for the poster print in RetailerCentral
  3. Upload the template you created to RetailerCentral
  4. Publish and price the newly created product in Photogize Lab to PhotoCentral and Kiosk
  5. Start taking orders!

What do I need to get started?

Photogize Lab6 (If you have Version 5, upgrade here)
Kiosk3 (If you are using Kiosk Version 2, upgrade here)
PhotoCentral (for online ordering)
EventPro (optional, for event publishing and ordering)

What does CloudCover™ cost?

CloudCover can be freely used to manage products and templates that you (or your colleagues) create. There are no upload or storage charges. However, you may choose to purchase template packs from Graphx or other 3rd party vendors that will be delivered via CloudCover.

Do all CloudCover products need separate templates?

No. You can publish a product without accompanying templates. The mixing bowl in PhotoCentral and Kiosk will present a blank space to the consumer in which he or she can insert photos. The blank space will crop the inserted photo to the dimensions of the you defined when creating the CloudCover product.

What are CloudCover Product Packs and where do I get them?

We preload products and templates into CloudCover Product packs. Just purchase packs in our online shop and we will enable them for immediate use in PhotoCentral, EventPro, and Photogize Kiosk.

I already paid for IPI Templates, why must I pay again?

We are not charging for IPI templates, per-se. We are charing a nominal fee for:

  • Converting templates in the IPI marketing program to CloudCover-compatible templates
  • Creating online and kiosk products based on these templates
  • Hosting these templates on our servers

Remember that there is NO revenue sharing on CloudCover products.

Will CloudCover™ work with my Photogize Kiosk?

CloudCover products and templates are automatically pulled down from the cloud by Photogize Kiosk 3. Photogize Kiosk 3 software, launched in July 2012. can be used on PCs or kiosks that support any of the following three display resolutions: 1920×1080, 1680×1050, 1024×768. If you have Photogize Kiosk version 2.x, you can upgrade here.

Will CloudCover™ work with PhotoCentral?

Yes, CloudCover products and templates work with the current version of PhotoCentral.

Will CloudCover™ work with my copy of Photogize Lab?

You need Photogize Lab Version 6 to price and publish CloudCover™ products. If you have version 5, you can upgrade here.

Are IPI templates included with CloudCover™?

IPI Templates that have been converted to CloudCover products and templates are available for purchase in the Photogize store.

IPI template X is not available in CloudCover right now, why not?

We are working as fast as we can to convert IPI templates to CloudCover products and templates. Please check the store or our twitter feed for announcements on IPI Template pack availability.

What NEW business opportunities should I consider with CloudCover?

  • Open up new local market opportunities. Incorporate the logo and text of local organizations into the products templates you make, as a local high school, youth sports leagues and local fundraising events.
  • Add a local flair to the holiday cards you offer. Use local photos, and add local designs, colors and text.
  • Offer custom kiosk services to poplar destinations in your market. If you have a relationship with a local college, put a kiosk in their bookstore that contains unique templates with school colors and logos.

Are CloudCover Products and Templates the same thing?

No…A CloudCover Product refer to a real photo product such as a “4×8 flat holiday greeting card”. A CloudCover Template represents one or more specific graphic designs that your customer can use once they have selected a Product. So once a customer selects a “4×8 flat holiday greeting card”, they that can choose a red-themed template, a blue-themed template, or a template that says “Wishing you a Minnesota Merry Christmas”.

CloudCover™ sounds great, but I need help getting started. What should I do next?

Links to CloudCover template documentation, RetailerCentral documentation, and video tutorials are on this page. We understand that creating templates can be complicated. So you can also get direct help by purchasing one or more CloudCover consulting hours here. We want to help!

Can I add CloudCover templates to Products that Graphx has already created?

No. Cloud Cover templates can only be used with CloudCover Products you create

What if I cant get my CloudCover product or template to work?

Graphx offers lots of documentation, samples, and video primers here. If you need more help, we offer CloudCover consulting here.

Is there a CloudCover Training Ground for me to test products and templates before I add them to my retail online account or kiosks?

Yes. CloudCover products have a Test Mode setting so that you can privately use them in PhotoCentral BEFORE you publish them to customers.

If the templates are in the Cloud, and I lose my Internet connection, will my Kiosk stop taking specialty orders?

No. Photogize Kiosk 3 caches all CloudCover Products and Templates. If the Internet goes down, the Kiosk can use the local version of the Product or Template. There is even a button in the Kiosk admin screen that lets you cache ALL CloudCover Products. We recommend that you click this button prior to closing for the evening before the holiday rush o that Kiosk can cache all CloudCover products.