Photogize PhotoCentral

Photogize PhotoCentral is the online photo store that YOU configure with your products, prices, business rules and branging.  PhotoCentral lets your customers View, Edit, Share, Print and Archive their digital photos.  You then use our Windows application Photogize Lab to download and print these orders.

Packed with Great Features

  • New, more responsive mixing bowl page loaded with new features
    • Move and edit default text
    • Add new text anywhere on the design
    • Uses Google Fonts
    • Apply Instagram-like filters to your photos
    • Add objects like boxes and ellipses
    • Resize and rotate (any number of degrees) any object in your design
    • Add photos outside of the photo holes
    • 100% compatible with legacy PhotoCentral configuration settings and CloudCover Templates
  • Faster uploading (30% faster!)
  • Improved mobile support – try it on your iPhone!
  • NEW TIFF support – including RGB and CMYK TIFF
  • NEW Product search on shop page helps your customers find what they need!
  • FREE DIY Vanity URL now included (e.g.:,
  • Customers can upload and play videos
  • Customers can upload and view PDFs
  • Face and Object recognition powered by Photogize AI™
    • Facial recognition and object recognition applied on new uploads
    • Faces can be named (like Facebook) by hovering over face in slider view
    • PC 2020 matches other faces and applies to them the names you have assigned
    • Users can easily add and delete object tags
  • Metadata appears when hovering over photos
  • Photo search available on main gallery page
  • Can download photos
  • Can save photos to named albums
  • Updated default content on main and shop pages
  • New SafeSpace storage options
    • 5GB (FREE!)
    • 100GB ($1.99/mo)
    • 200GB ($2.99/mo)
    • 1TB ($19.99/mo)
    • 2TB ($29.99/mo)
  • New, redesigned RetailerCentral.

Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile ready

The look, the feel, and the fun of PhotoCentral are identical on any browser and any platform from an iMac PC to a Fire Tablet to an iPhone.

CloudCover compatible

PhotoCentral will let consumers order from a limitless catalog of CloudCover powered content. Create personalized books, calendars, folded cards, posters, and more.

And Photogize Lab will fulfill all these products directly to any minilab, printer, or PDF-compatible downstream workflow.

Better Photo Printing

PhotoCentral features a WYSIWYG photo cropping tool that’s part of the Print Order page. Your customers can now crop their photos, in the aspect ratio of the print size they just ordered, without leaving the Print Order page.

Completely Customizable

The products, prices, business rules, and branding that you define in Photogize Lab are used by Photogize WebServices to dynamically create a customized PhotoCentral. Photogize Lab gives you the link to your web site. All you need to do is put a button on your site which, when clicked, sends your customers to your PhotoCentral. And our RetailerCentral web application gives you more control than ever over your web presence.

New Pricing Model

Your PhotoCentral service comes complete with: 1) PhotoCentral online phone store 2) up to 10 custom vanity URL names, 3) Our RetailerCentral web application for managing and tracking your business. 3) One copy of Photogize Lab for harvesting orders and printing.  Your ONLY expenses are a one time setup fee and a fixed low monthly fee.  There are NO bandwidth or revenue sharing charges.  Click here to start today!