Support Options

Graphx has a number of resources to help make Photogize work best for you.

Photogize HelpDesk

Please check our Knowledge Base before starting a ticket. There’s a good chance we’ve already solved your problem!

If that doesn’t help, click here to use our NEW zendesk-based HelpDesk to submit a support issue or track an existing support issue. You can also send a HelpDesk request to These emails will now automatically generate a HelpDesk ticket. You can continue the conversation via back and forth email – all the traffic will be recorded in the HelpDesk ticket. You can log into the HelpDesk at anytime to review the ticket contents.*

*Still need to use our legacy HelpDesk? Click here.

Photogize Technical Guides

Click Help in the Photogize Lab menu to view the Lab Reference guide or the Getting Started guide. The Photogize Kiosk manual can be accessed here.

Automatic Updates

Photogize Lab and RasterPlus have an automatic update feature that will check for new versions and automatically download and install the update over the web. Automatic Updates are free as long as you have the current major software release (e.g. 6.0 to 6.1 is free, 5.0 to 6.1 is not free). Please review the Lab and RasterPlus documentation for more information.

Knowledge Base

Please review the information in our Knowledge Base for answers to commonly asked questions, workarounds, and general usage information. Access to the Knowledge Base is free and unlimited.

Complimentary Support

Graphx will provide free telephone and email support for 90 days for new products and 30 days for paid upgrades. The support period begins when you unlock your software.

Photogize customers who have a current maintenance plan are also entitled to complimentary support. Just click on the new HelpDesk link above to provide the details of the technical support you need.

Fee Based Support

If you no longer qualify for Complimentary Support, or have a support need that’s outside the routine support requests included with your annual software maintenance, please contact us. For these support needs we will charge you $125 per hour. Transferring licenses from one PC to another and helping you restore your service after a hard disk crash is another.  We’ll inform you in advance when Fee Based Support applies to your request. A credit card is required for Fee Based Support. You can purchase an initial hour of support here.

Moving Photogize Lab or RasterPlus

If you wish to move Photogize Lab or RasterPlus to a new computer, you can do it yourself by following these directions. Note: if you are a LabCare subscriber, you are entitled to one non-catastrophic move each year.

Remote Diagnostics

Before clicking on Remote Diagnostics, please be sure to first make telephone contact with a Graphx Technical Support Representative.

Contact Information

You can email support anytime at Yo may also call our technical representatives from 9AM to 5PM EST at 781.932.0430 Ext 3.

Training Videos

Cloud Cover

Making CloudCover templates with Adobe Photoshop
Creating CloudCover products with RetailerCentral
Pricing and Publishing CloudCover products
Purchase and Install CloudCover Product Packs
Replace IPI 2011 Holiday Content with IPI 2012 CloudCover content
Create a companion FINAL RENDER Template
NEW! Custom Tags in CloudCover


Creating Promotions and Coupons
Customizing PhotoCentral
Customizing PhotoCentral #2
Customizing PhotoCentral #3
Capturing Kiosk Customer Information
Reworking Orders

Download Existing PhotoCentral Content here.