You can now define email notifications in RetailCentral. These notifications will get fired in addition to any notifications you define in Photogize Lab. We recommend that you turn off Email Notifications in Lab and define them only here. The emails will be sent from our Photogize email server but will use your name and replyto email address.

Email Notifications can be found in the PhotoCentral and Kiosk section of RetailerCentral

Any of the fields can contains special fields that are auto-filled with order information.

Special fields:

[CUSTOMER_NAME] The customer’s name

[ORDERNUM]  The Order number

[TODAY]  Today’s date in the format: Friday, March 19, 2023

[TODAY+n] The date n days after today where n is between 1 and 14. (Note: don’t use spaces)

[ORDERTOTAL] Total price of the Order

[PICKUP] Pickup Location

[SHIPMETHOD] Shipping Method

[CUSTOMER_EMAIL]  The customer’s email

[SPECIALINSTRUCTIONS] Special Instructions

Fields that you can define:


The event which causes the notification to be fired. The trigger can be:

  • Order Shipped
  • Order Submitted
  • Order Harvested from Webservices
  • Order for Shipment Printed OK
  • Order for Pickup Printed OK
  • Error Printing an Order
  • Order for Shipment Complete
  • Order for Pickup Complete
  • Order ready for Pickup

From Name

Your name (first name, last name, or company name). The email will come from this named person or organization.

Reply To Email

The email that will be used when the recipients replies to the message

To Email

The recipient. Usually, you should define this as [CUSTOMER_EMAIL]

CC Email

Send a copy of the email to this recipient


The subject of the email (e.g. Thank you for your order: [ORDERNUM])


The body of the email


Check this if the content of the Message is HTML formatted.


Check this to enable the notification. If unchecked, the notification will NOT be triggered